Now researching and developing search and semantics products


1999-2002 Cankaya University

Software Engineering, M.S.

Studied Software Engineering.
1993–1999 METU

Civil Engineering, B.S.

studied Civil Engineering

Conferences, Education and Seminars

The story

Short summary of Devrim's work experience

Devrim the computer kid
Devrim wrote and sold many games and programs for Sinclair Spectrum and Commodore when he was a kid. When he was a teenager, he sold hundreds of copies of a business software to international clients between 1988-1992.

BerilTech is founded
Devrim has founded his company BerilTech at 1993 as a home office business at the same time he started studying Civil Engineering at METU. He worked at the university's Informatics Instution for 4 years as a consultant.

First professional web site
At Beril, he had built and sold software. He also had built websites for his clients. At 1998, he launched, a complimentary civil engineering web resource. The web site became very popular in a few months and has been used by hundreds of thousands of engineers for 10 years.

First property making money
After his experience, Devrim worked hard for years to launch and grow, the first web redirection service in Turkey. Yonlendir was founded at 2000, reached more than 1 million members and 8 billion pageviews until it was deceased at 2013.

No one believed that paid email is a business
At 2002, Devrim started a paid e-mail service at He offered addresses which have been popular in Turkey (international code is TR and Turkish abbrevation of Turkish Republic is TC) has been sold to AdROM Holding of Austria at 2007 for an undisclosed sum.

Going global
At 2003, Devrim founded TRReg, the .tr reseller for international clients.

From inception to a million dollar venture in 476 days
At 2006, when blogs have been popular all over the world because of Blogger, Devrim founded the first blog service in Turkey named Blogcu (Blogger in Turkish). Blogcu has been a huge success story. In only 16 months, it was the most visited 10th web property in Turkey with half a million members. Blogcu was sold to Nokta Medya for 1.2 million USD at 2007.

R & D
With revenues from Yonlendir, TR.TC and after receiving funds from sales of Blogcu and, Devrim decided to invest into search and semantics products. He established an R&D facility.

At 2007, was launched, a unique Turkish business search engine. BusinessDB followed Sirketce as an international project in the next years.

At 2009, was launched, which is an official .tr registrar. TRReg clients have been transfered to

At 2010, was launched, which is a social network platform for businesses worldwide.

Between 2007 and 2014, small startups have launched but failed. (gaxxi, kimdir,, uygunteklif, botego)

Leading B2B and B2C portal
At 2014, Beriltech has acquired, leading company index of Turkey. Firmasec has grown 850% since the acquisition.

Devrim the domainer
Devrim is one of the first domainers in Turkey and is owner of many important Turkish domain names. Devrim's portfolio includes domains like ( in Turkish), ( in Turkish), ( in Turkish), ( in Turkish), ( in Turkish) and many more.

Future of Beril is constructed
At 2020, Beriltech has changed her name to Beril, re-constructed as an Incorporation instead of LLC named BERIL A.S.,, and have been acquired and has been redirected to

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