This is Devrim.

Serial entrepreneur, Writer, Mentor, Domainer, Angel investor, Brand hero.


Devrim Demirel is a well-known serial entrepreneur in Turkey. He is the founder of many companies and startups.

By starting his IT adventure using a Sinclair Spectrum and Commodore 64, Devrim is programming for 37 years. He is a witness of invention of home computers, personal computers, foundation and growth of the Internet, invention of MS-DOS, Windows, Linux, MacOS, the domain industry and DNS, the rise of web, evolution of mobile devices and mobile applications since he was 8 years old. IT is not only business, but also an infinite ambition for him.

Devrim has founded many startups without any angel investment or venture capital. His startups has served to more than 2 million users and tens of thousands of businesses. The web sites he had built has served to more than 12 billion visitors.

More than half of Fortune 500 companies trust Devrim's domain and brand registration and protection services for 20 years. Thousands of international brands are under Devrim's companies' protection in Turkey.

Devrim's parent company, Beril has partnerships with Google, Microsoft, Apple and Embarcadero.
You can see some of Beril's references.


Words about Devrim

"Devrim is a prolific internet entrepreneur in Turkey who's been there since the earliest days of the sector. His work as the founder of Blogcu, has had a huge impact on the development of blogs in Turkey."

"Devrim retains crucial qualities that seem to be contradictory. He's self confident in his decisions, but also a good team player paying attention to others'. He's dominant, yet fair. He's able to create business out of virtually any project, without comprimising any of his integrity. So these values are more than enough to make a great entrepreneur. I'm lucky to have the opportunity to be in a business venture with him."


Books about Devrim

Kaldirac Etkisi, 2012

Gelecegi gorenler, 2018


Books Devrim has written

Devrim has written five books. Four of them are novels. Books except Güneş is not published yet.

Güneş, Turkish

Mars, Turkish

Özlem, Turkish

Beyaz Kelebek, Turkish

Fikirden Girişime, Turkish

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